Hugo Benzing’s current diverse product portfolio comprises more than 22,000 different articles, made of aluminium, steel, or stainless steel. On request also with different surface or special treatment processes. All products are made on tool units specifically developed by us for this purpose, with perfect precision and to the highest quality standards.

"The Hugo Benzing company has been a pioneer in the development of precision shaft retainers."

Hugo Benzing produces anything connected to the safety of moving parts. In addition to retaining rings and lock washers, our product range includes wire form parts, snap rings, stampings, fine blanking parts, bent wire parts as well as bent sheet metal parts. All kinds of deep-drawn parts as well as turned and milled parts, die cast parts and valves are also integral parts of our production. Complex, fully comprehensive security systems such as parking locks and parking lock actuators for a. o. electric vehicles are added to this. Their individual components, such as connecting rods, are produced in-house as well. The comprehensive product range is rounded off by high-performance, future-oriented safety elements for e-mobility, such as bursting discs and venting or bursting valves, which are combined in a specially created BENZINGVENTS series. Their special solutions are developed individual for customers around the world.

In a nutshell, we develop products with a true technological advantage, optimised in quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Few can match us in development, let alone production. In this way, the most modern and high-precision machine tools and special machines or new technological processes are used every day to produce extremely durable products and innovative components.

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