The quality goal of BENZING is to deliver quality products superior to the competition. At the same time, we see it as our obligation to set an example for environmental and workplace safety. Also to meet our contractually agreed customer requirements for the planning, execution, monitoring, and improvement of all quality-relevant activities and to ensure customer satisfaction, our company has introduced a quality management system certified with IATF 16949:2016 [including ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2015], an environmental certification ISO 14001:2015 as well as an energy management system ISO 50001:2018. These are practiced throughout the company.

Our expectation is to achieve leading positions with respect to products and processes, then continue to build them out and develop them further. The motivation and engagement of all our employees ensure permanent innovation and increasing productivity while maintaining the same high quality standards. All our actions have as their goal to deliver BENZING products to our customers on time and with the highest possible quality.

Because only satisfied customers will remain our customers for the long haul, ensuring the continued existence of our company. We are convinced that only those who know how to establish firm connections can be successful in times of high-tech and increasingly quick development cycles. Loyalty, appreciation, and commitment are more than just keywords for us. They are values we practice as the basis for long-term relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees alike.

All Benzing products are manufactured with modern, high-precision machine tools and special machines in such a way that even the method of fabrication forces gap-free inspection. The Benzing final product is also continuously monitored by a statistical quality control system. No raw material enters fabrication without appropriate metallurgical inspections.

Our opinion is that quality must be laid as the foundation in advance. That's why our entire value creation chain is involved:

  • Best customer/supplier relationships,
  • Best product quality,
  • Best workplace quality,
  • Best delivery quality,
  • Sustainable production and products,
  • ​Trustworthy, long-term customer relationships.

That performance has been richly awarded by our customers with many awards:

  • 2022: Ford Motor Company: "100 Best Managed Companies with outstanding Quality performance"
  • 2021: General Motors honors Benzing with 'Supplier Quality Excellence Award'
  • 2021: Ford Motor Company honors Hugo Benzing for outstanding supplier quality
  • 2020: General Motors honors Benzing with 'Supplier Quality Excellence Award'
  • 2019: Linamar honors Hugo Benzing LLC with the Quality Award
  • 2018: Hugo Benzing receives Quality Award from Ford Motor Company
  • 2013: NTN Driveshaft honors Hugo Benzing with the Quality Award
  • 2013: Hugo Benzing receives the 'Supplier Quality Excellence Award' from GM
  • 2011: ThyssenKrupp Presta France honors Hugo Benzing as 'Best Supplier Of Year'
  • 2010: Getrag Ford names Hugo Benzing best supplier
  • ​2010: Benzing receives NTN Driveshaft Quality Award
  • 2009: NTN Driveshaft honors Hugo Benzing with a Quality Award
  • 2005: Borg Warner honors Hugo Benzing with a Supplier Quality Award
  • 1990: Q1 PREFERRED QUALITY AWARD received by Ford