One important factor for Hugo Benzing is sustainability in production. That's why Hugo Benzing always acts in an environmentally oriented manner to preserve our environment. This thought is anchored in company philosophy and we try to involve every employee in its realization.

Hugo Benzing is DIN ISO 14001 certified, making compliance with all laws to protect our environment and health a must. But our striving for environmental protection goes far beyond the legal standards and regulations.

We structure our processes as well as possible under the following aspects:

  • Reuse of process waste
  • General avoidance of hazardous materials
  • Waste separation
  • Extensive waste separation

We've also invested in solar power plants and are working on designs for heat recapture in our production facilities. On July 1, 2010, Benzing placed a new solar power plant into operation. With 5,500 modules and a power output of up to a megawatt, this is one of the largest installations in the Stuttgart region.

Photovoltaic modules as well as highly modern pipe collectors were installed on the roofs of six buildings with over 20,000 square meters of space within just 8 weeks. That lets Hugo Benzing provide up to 2 MW of electricity, supplying the households of all of our employees.

This investment makes it a certainty that Benzing will remain competitive despite rising energy costs – a step into the future that also brings the annual savings of about 472 tonnes of carbon dioxide with it. With all our actions, we want to reduce our carbon footprint value as far as possible, ensuring the sustainability of our corporate actions.